5 Social Media Tips for Business

5 Social Media Tips to Help Your Business Online

Are you always wondering what the benefits of implementing a solid social media strategy would do for your business? You should be thinking what about the impact if you are not using it, as I am sure your competitors most likely are. Here’s the first installment where I highlight 5 social media tips to get you thinking.

I often hear people asking about using social media, and whether it can help with their business profile online.Short answer is YES! It doesn’t have to completely consume you and whether you know it or not, your audience is probably already on there, based on the April 2020 Social Media stats.

For others that have an understanding that they should be “getting out there”, it’s about taking the fear out of the unknown and providing some basic insights into taking those first steps into the world of the social media.

Social Media User Statistics - Feb 2020

1. Which Social Media platforms do I choose?

You don’t want to be spending all your time on a specific social media channel, especially if it is one that your target audience is not necessarily using. Do your research and get an understanding of where they are “hanging out”.

According to a survey in Feb 2020 by Roy Morgan, you can see a simple breakdown of social media platforms by generation, as per the chart highlighted above.

To ensure you’re hitting the right audience, I would suggest you do a little analysis and conduct some research of your own by creating your ideal persona. Now, just because your audience may not frequent a particular social media channel, doesn’t mean you can’t think of different ways to target them.

2. Driving traffic to your website

You’ve set yourself up with a flashy looking website, displaying your goods or services as best you can. You “flick the switch to turn it on”, anticipating a flood of people to your site that they haven’t even heard about.

Someone once said — “Build it, and they will come”

They can’t find something if they don’t even know it’s there.

So what’s a solution to generating some traffic?

The simplest and cheapest way is to start setting up business profiles across each platform that is relevant to your audience. You wouldn’t necessarily focus all your time on a TikTok account if your audience is sitting in the 60+ age group. You need to go to the channels that your audience is most likely to be.

Once that has been determined, you can start creating content that will resonate with them and look to send them to an article or section of your website. Once there, they can start learning more about what you have to offer, your services, even a little more about you. As a side note, if you have the right tracking setup on the website, you can start retargeting them at a later date – but that’s another conversation we’ll save for another article.

Social Media Tips for website Traffic

3. Building Trust

Social Media isn’t always about posting up cat photos or the latest meme going round (although they are funny). It’s about giving your audience a reason to see you as the authority in what you have to offer. Start building that trust through authentic and engaging posts that resonate to your audience. Focus on common pain points and continue to provide the answers that they seek.

Another example to build trust is by utilising any brand ambassadors that may be available in your niche. Let’s say you’re in the beauty industry and a celebrity uses and endorses a product line you sell. Your customers tend to put a lot more value and trust when they see someone of note endorsing a product. This doesn’t mean you go running out and finding one either, as this can become a very expensive exercise.

4. Stop Selling and Start Telling

This is an area that a lot of people starting out are guilty of. You’ve seen them. Day after day, sprouting about something that they are trying to sell with little regard to whether anyone is actually interested, or understanding how it will help them.

It’s a bit like throwing mud at the wall and seeing what sticks.

People love a good story and through the use of authentic imagery and some storytelling, you posts are more likely to resonate towards your business and what you are offering. This may be opposed to the current situation where they are just scrolling past it like every other post on their social media feed. When people are scanning through their social media channels, you only get a couple seconds to capture them and when you do, you better have a good reason for them to stop.

People will also resonate to posts that are specifically calling them out. It’s not like you know them by the first name but you may have the solution to those that you are wanting to target. Consider the following scenario:

A business looking to offer Internet services to a saturated local market needs to come up with a headline that appeals to the audience they are targeting. Which headline do you think is likely to grab someone? 

First instinct would be to tell the world you sell this product, so the standard headline to go with would be:

“We offer NBN services in your area”

If someone is looking to change, it’s because they’re not happy with something, so how would this sound: 

“Tired of paying for slow internet?”

Now these may not always be the most compelling headline for everyone on Social Media but you’re not looking to attract everyone. You’re looking to attract those with the pain point you’re calling out because you have the solution.

5 Social Media tips - Stop Selling and Start Telling

5. Quality over Quantity

Another area where a lot of people come unstuck in their quest to impress is saturating their channels with numerous, low-quality posts. Maybe they’ve found a meme generator and keep pumping out inspiration, day after day. Maybe they have posted every single product they have on hand and recycle every 2 weeks. If that sounds like you, I have one word to say…


Even though there are a number of social media platforms to choose from, you don’t need to inundate them all at once. Plan out what you’re going to post and see how that looks. There are many free content planners out there, so there is no reason why you can’t crank up the old search engine and find one to use.

By simplifying the process and looking at how it will be delivered will go a long way for you in recognising how effective it will be. With so much to offer your audience, this meticulous planning will ensure far better results than saturating your social media feeds. And with the analytics and metrics that most of these platforms provide, you’ll see which posts are working and which ones aren’t very quickly.

In Summary

All the guidance from above won’t automatically guarantee success. There are many other factors outside of these 5 Social Media tips that can help with your online presence, such as Facebook Advertising, that you will also need to consider, especially if you are looking to make quick inroads.

It has been stated that organic social media growth is diminishing but it doesn’t mean it won’t work. Look at ways that you can engage with your audience. Provide them with the information to make an educated decision in moving forward with your business. Use certain post such as the following:

  • Links to Blog posts
  • Authentic photos and videos
  • Share content that is relevant
  • Invite friends and family to share

So what’s next I hear you ask? Give me a shout and let’s talk about how your business can make an impact online.

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