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A locally owned online Christmas decoration supplier decides to expand their marketing into the world of Google advertising to test its effectiveness and returns. They were not disappointed! 

Case Study - Big Christmas

The Challenge

Being a seasonal product, timing was of the essence to find high performing keywords that would help to increase online sales of their Christmas trees and decorations.

Having already performing well through their social media channels, this was their first foray into Google advertising.

Three key factors would go into making this a successful campaign – highlighting high performing categories, pinpointing better performing geographical areas and scaling the budget as revenue increased.

With such niche product lines and only a small window of opportunity, this was going to be an action paced task.

The Solution

Starting out with specific category areas, it was critical to align the keyword research to high intent and ensuring that the headlines and ad copy were in line with the message.

Each geographical location had their own campaign, allowing us to get a better understanding of how to allocate the budget to maximise return on investment (ROI). It did not take too long to highlight the goals we wanted to achieve and with that, led us to being able to quickly relocate the budget were it would do the most effective with a better return on ad spend (ROAS).

How Was It Done?

Initially started with separate campaigns, based on geographical locations around Australia. Each of these campaigns had identical ad groups, based on the various categories we were targeting. This allowed us to accumulate more data whilst maintaining integrity across each location.

As we collected more data across all campaigns, it enabled us to maximise the search terms with higher intent, based on the conversions they were reporting. As this data presented itself in one location, we quickly applied it to the others.

Another key component to the success was again, the headlines and ad copy. Based on specific keywords and phrases, it is important to align this with the same messaging when showing the ad in search results. This would increase the click through rates (CTR), whilst lowering our overall cost per clicks (CPC) and minimising the cost per sale to a sustainable level.

Proven Results

With regard to sales, this campaign far exceeded the clients expectations. Investing into an unknown advertising platform can be a tough decision but with the results that have been attained, we look forward to working together next year. As a seasonal product, there is an option to start earlier, as the affects of the COVID-19 epidemic could easily have made some impact.

There will also be an opportunity to use the data across other Google platforms, such as Display and YouTube to further expand their reach into the digital world.

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