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One of Melbourne’s leading centres that perform a wide range of weight reduction surgeries with over 20 years experience successfully helping people realise their weight loss goals when all else has failed.

Case Study - NEWLS

The Challenge

This was a high ticket procedure, so it was imperative that we used a mix off specific, high-intent keywords for those that had already done their research to broader terms for those just starting out.

Generally, at this stage of someone’s journey, they had generally tried out other methods of weight loss and were looking for a solution that would work for them.

This was not a case that someone would simply search and make a booking for the surgery from the first website website, so it was decided to measure success based on the number of initial paid consultations. A bespoke landing page was built to capture these leads and the highly skilled staff would take over their to confirm initial appointments.

The Solution

Not having used Google Advertising in the past, it was completely built from the ground up. Having multiple weight loss options available through the clinic, initial testing and implementation was set out to establish the demand for each form of surgery.

We also wanted to run some cheaper, broader terms to recognise the search terms could be used to identify potential clients, using the terminology common to them. 

How Was It Done?

Having multiple surgery options, we decided to create independent landing pages, so that we could align our keywords, headlines and ad copy separately. By doing this, we were able to increase the Click Through Rate for each surgery group which in turn, decreased our Cost Per Click.

As more data became available, we were able to see a definitive campaign that provided the bulk of the inquiries and in turn, higher number of leads. This discovery did not mean that we would just turn off the other ad groups but the data allowed us to identify the better performing group and assign the allocated budget accordingly.

We also implemented an automated process where as soon as an enquiry can through, an email was sent to the sales team so that they could respond as soon as possible, removing the opportunity of a potential client waiting too long and moving onto the next search result.

Proven Results

As we got a better understanding of “intent” and specific surgery search terms, we were able to greatly reduce the Cost Per Click and in turn, lower the average Cost Per Lead.

Having over 20 years experience in this profession also allowed us to utilise callouts and site extensions to capitalise on trust factors, especially for the solutions that this type of surgery would provide.

As a high ticket cost, providing a steady stream of inquiries allowed their staff to identify where each potential customer were at in their journey and utilise their CRM to manage their way towards the final surgery. This process could take up to 6-9 months and was a critical factor throughout.

We also implemented a heat mapping option so that we could identify the key areas of the landing page and change based on browsing habits accordingly.

Overall, it was a huge success and we thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of this type of industry.

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