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Case Study


A local 4WD Wheel & Tyre company had been using their social media platforms to generate leads with great success and wanted to test Google advertising to see how effective it could be for the business.

The Wheel Deal - Case Study

The Challenge

Initially, this client had a very successful business and had a well performing social media presence already in place. With the goal to move the marketing budget to the Google Ads platform, it was dependent on continued success that they were achieving through Facebook & Instagram.

Through their social media channels, they had some amazing success through the direct Messenger platform and looked to replicate that through Google Advertising.

Initial goals was not only to generate traffic to the website but to encourage potential customers to contact them directly, both through phone and email.

The Solution

Initial campaign settings were set up to target specific product types, steel wheels and branded wheel searches. As planned, these were broken out into their own campaigns to give the client a better understanding of the overall demand for these segments. 

The branded campaign was then broken down into specific SKU lines to again ascertain which were the higher performing options.

Due to the high level of traffic flowing from both organic and social media sources, it was decided to also test the impact of a remarketing campaign as well.

How Was It Done?

Breaking out the branded campaigns provided some high level reporting and gave some deep insights into the specific models that were most popular. This allowed the budget to be easily shifted across to high performing ad groups, whilst still maintaining a lower budget for the others, as traffic was still relevant, just not at the same level. Due to the high CTR and landing page experience, helped to maintain low CPC’s and rewarding us with lower conversion costs.

Due to the high intent of the search terms, the remarketing campaign provided an even higher CTR, thus leading to slightly higher ROAS across the board.

Proven Results

With the initial goals of just providing more traffic to the website, ensuring that call and sales tracking was in place, provided even better results than anticipated by the client.

With the increase in both these areas allowed the client to scale their budgets, which in turn, had them look to increase their staffing levels to cope with the increase in enquiries.

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