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Case Study


A privately owned Whitsunday yacht charter company had been using both the Facebook & Google advertising platforms to generate leads with moderate success.

Whitsunday Yacht Charter Case Study

The Challenge

Before taking on this client, we were told that the competition was aggressive through the Google Ads platform, as there are a number of competitors for Whitsunday yacht charters, with some competitors advertising for some time in this space. Their initial foray into Google Ads was becoming far more expensive than they anticipated, providing an unsustainable return.

Prior to us managing the client’s Ad account, and based on the initial numbers, we could see that there was a disconnect in their account and that when they did get clicks to the landing page, conversion rates were far too low to sustain.

The account, landing page, offer and sales process all required an overhaul for this to become a successful venture.

The Solution

It was decided that rebuilding the whole Google Ads account from the ground up would be the most cost effective start, allowing us to properly implement and understand all areas of the campaign and start testing what works and what doesn’t. Areas including demographics, age and interests were built from the ground up to allow us to accurately test each component and discover which parts would provide a better ROI for the client.

How Was It Done?

The biggest implementation to their Google Ad account was to assure that the campaign was broken into themes, and that the keywords and ads were highly relevant to the user’s search. This would lead to a higher Click Through Rate (CTR) for more relevant searches and not just general, broad terms.

For example, as users can be at different stages of the cycle when searching for this type of holiday, top of funnel (TOF), broader terms were used at a lower cost per click (CPC) as they would be for bottom of the funnel (BOF) type searches, which indicate more intent in making a booking.

We built the new campaign and expanded it multiple ad groups to determine where users were in the buying cycle. By making the Ads and copy more relevant to the specific keywords used, the CTR started improving immediately.

As with any Google Ad campaign, as your CTR improves, Google will reward the account by lowering the CPC where applicable. This allows for higher clicks, higher CTR and more conversions.

In comparison, initial results were a few bookings, with a cost per acquisition (CPA) around $120. Once the new campaign was in place and optimised, that CPA was reduced to under $80.

    Proven Results

    Through constant optimisation, we were able to maximise the results for high intent keywords, leading to lower CPC and CPA.

    Updating the landing page with an offer was also a catalyst for improving the performance of the campaign, as it allowed the client to capture more detailed information, which allowed them to pre-qualify customers even further. Equipped with this information, the sales team had a higher success rate in closing the booking, creating a highly successful venture.

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