Facebook Messenger Bots for Real Estate

Messenger Bots for Real Estate

Chatbots have been increasingly used since 2017, as the notion of Messenger Bots for business becomes more of a reality to assist with the growth of businesses. For the real estate world, this is the perfect solution. As a real estate agent, you want to reply to customers at any given time and a Facebook Messenger bot for real estate professionals will help you do that. It can be designed to provide a very professional approach and take things to the next level in your business by way of customer service.

While you try to answer phone calls all day, answering questions that pertain to your properties, the truth is that you will always end up not covering everything the way you want. It is important to try and access the right real estate Messenger bot, as it can help you more than you might imagine.

Messenger Bots for Real Estate

What are Messenger Bots for Real Estate and how they can help?

The main idea behind a real estate bot is that this is a program that offers automatic replies to your customers. Since it is a Facebook Messenger bot, it’s instructed to work within this environment, because that’s where most people tend to send messages to you anyway. Most customers have a Facebook account and the Messenger solution makes everything quite easy to spot.

Instead of you having to reply to all these messages on your own, you can allow the Messenger marketing bot to do that for you. The Messenger bots can be instructed to reply in a certain way such as start a conversation, collect contact information and pre-qualify both buyers and sellers. But the best part is that they can also use machine learning to understand what customers request the most and reply themselves without a problem.

Most of the time you can utilise this Messenger platform because they can inform customers, bring in more information about queries on a listing or they can connect customers with the sales team.

In the real estate world, you will notice there is a lot of competition. When you have inquiries from a customer, you need to make sure that you offer them the best possible experience and provide the answers to the questions they seek.

You can use a real estate Messenger bot to free up chat agents too. Usually, an agent can be busy with a client, and a potential buyer pops up. You want to have the opportunity to help that client the right away, so it makes a lot of sense to have a backup in the form of Messenger bots for your Messenger marketing to provide that support.

Can you use Messenger Bots for Real Estate to generate leads?

Yes, the Facebook Messenger bots for real estate can be integrated on Facebook directly and customers can schedule meetings or receive replies very quickly. It helps a lot, and you will also increase your followers very quickly. You also want to use these Messenger bots to offer constant support such as listing open for inspection times, even if you are outside of the working hours. It just shows a sign of professionalism, and the value they receive stands out from the rest of the competitors.

You can decide what information to collect through lead generation, including their phone number to follow up at a later time. Real estate agents can look to maximise their time by allowing these Messenger Apps to help to save them time and energy.

Once you choose the right Messenger bot, you will need to identify the objective you have in mind for it. The objective can be something like offering support, generating quality leads and so on. After you identify that, you will need to select those channels where you can use the chatbot. In this case, it will be Facebook Messenger, but you can also guide the bot to share on your website as needed.

Facebook Messenger Bots for Real Estate

Configuring your Messenger bot for real estate is the important thing here. The idea is to figure out what questions people will ask the most. You can ask the sales reps for those FAQs, the same thing with your customer support team. At the same time, implement and use available resources to check for some of the most popular questions regarding your niche.

Even forums can help. Keep your eyes peeled for any possible questions, then add them to your Messenger bot. The great thing about Messenger bots for real estate is that they improve as they go along thanks to machine learning.

Start mapping the customer journey once you have the questions. This way you can figure out what the potential conversations can be like. Once you design those paths, it will be easier to flesh them out and expand as you see fit. Put yourself into your customer’s shoes, it will be easier to figure out where the conversation goes from there.

How can a Chatbot help your Real Estate business?

 You get to offer a consistent 24/7 service that customers can interact with. As a result, you will be receiving more leads and customers, which will help immensely in the long term:

  • You keep your prospects engaged since you will have a tool to interact with a creative and rewarding way, guiding them with the call to actions you design.
  • Helps improves the ad performance and that will help you boost the ROI while lowering your cost per lead.
  • A chatbot can gather the prospect’s data and qualify both buyer and seller leads at the highest possible levels.
  • Provides access to a much younger, tech-savvy audience that you can connect with and help find the best property they need.
  • On top of that, it will be easier for you to conserve resources. You need fewer agents as the bot can take care of many tasks and connect with your customers. You finally get to save both time and money whilst generating qualified leads.

In Summary

Using Facebook Messenger bots for real estate is one of the best ways to automate many time-consuming tasks. You can provide a genuine 24/7 online support system, as well as a great way to capture lead information. It can be implemented in both your website and Facebook page, too. 

Talk to us today about using a chatbot for real estate today if you want to take your business to the next level! 

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