10 Reasons to be Using Messenger Chatbots for Customer Service

The usage of chatbots for customer service is increasing day by day. And, there is no doubt that Messenger Marketing will totally transform the way of interaction between brands and their customers. So what are the advantages of using chatbots for customer service?

Can chatbots help reduce customer service costs?

If you have such questions in your mind, you have landed on the right web page and this article is especially for you. Read on…

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10 Reasons to Use a Chatbot for Customer Service

There are many advantages of chatbots in customer service. Below I have shed a light on a few of them:

1. Instant response & faster resolution

It is worth noting that when there is a chatbot for customer service, the resolution speed for customers’ problems can become a lot faster. That’s because chatbots make use of an already existing database for answering the customer’s questions. If sometimes, it is not possible for the chatbots to end up resolving the issue, still instant response from them is a great source of relief and satisfaction for the customers. Thus, the availability of such bots in customer service helps in reducing frustrations in customers to a large extent.

2. 24/7 availability of service

It is not always during the business hours when customers have queries or questions to be answered by the support team. And, it is very costly to maintain a customer support team for 24 hours in a day and 365 days a year. But, on the other hand, chatbots make it possible for brands or businesses to assist their customers at any time of need without the availability of the customer service team.

3. A decrease in staffing cost

As mentioned earlier too, maintaining customer support staff for 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year is very costly. Hence, having chatbots for providing support service to customers during the non-business hours reduces the staffing cost. And, it further adds to the reduction in the total operational cost of the business.

4. Support in multiple languages

Chatbots are quite versatile. That’s because they are capable to offer support services to customers in multi-languages. And, different types of intent are also easily understood by them. Thus, there is no need for appointing speakers for multiple languages to handle global customers when there are chatbots for customer service.

5. Boosting the Productivity of Employees

Think of the situation when you are asked the same question repeatedly day in, day out, all year round. It can make for a relatively boring working environment. This is the case with the customer support staff in absence of chatbots. Generally, many customers have to ask the same question, time and time again.

Chatbots can easily take the place of such repetitive tasks of answering the same questions over and over again, thus making the job of customer support employees more comfortable and boosting their productivity in other areas.

Chatbots for Customer Service

6. Accuracy

As chatbots make use of an already existing database for answering the customer’s queries, their responses are more accurate as compared to human beings. And, there are the least chances of making mistakes irrespective of the number of customers to be assisted by them at the same point of time.

7. Reduces stress in customers

You would surely agree with me that there are times when some customers have a fear to directly talk to the support team for explaining their issues. In such cases, having the facility of chatbots relieves them from this kind of stress or anxiety. It further ends up satisfying such customers and helps the businesses to keep them happy.

8. Brand personification

Chatbots are capable to assist the customers in multiple areas like account management, technical support, etc. And, it is also possible to program them in such a way that they can make use of different conversational style for different support area. It will surely make the customers engage with your brand over and over again.

9. Improved data collection & analytics

For customer support team members, it is very difficult to collect all the necessary data while giving support service to the customers. That’s because each and every part of a conversation cannot be kept in memory by human beings. But, on the other hand, when it comes to the chatbots, collection of the data for further analysis is possible for some available chatbots. Further, the collected data can be easily analysed and made use of with the purpose of improving customer service.

10. Reduction in Interactive Voice Response Frustration

I have seen many customers complaining about the customer service of a particular company just because of the uses of the Interactive Voice Response system in customer service. There is no doubt that chatbots can also be used in the same way in which IVR systems are used. What a chatbot will actually do is that it will lead the customer to either a customer support representative or a relevant answer to his question.

With these chatbots, frustration in the customers will be reduced to a large extent. That’s because they will feel more cared if handled by chatbots instead of IVR systems.

Can Chatbots Help Reduce Customer Service Costs?

Of course yes, it has already been mentioned above that with the presence of chatbots in the customer service, the staffing cost of a company for its customer service reduces to a considerable extent. That’s because of the relief offered by the chatbots to the company from having to maintain a 24/7 customer service team.

As organisations today consolidate AI and automation innovation into their work processes and everyday business activities, utilising a messenger bot for business should be a high priority implementation. Businesses truly need to understand the various ways a chatbot can not only assist with their user’s experience but also with ongoing expenses and costs to provide that.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of Chatbots – scripted bots and ai bots. While scripted bots, as the name would suggest, maintain a predefined stream of conversation, ai bots or intelligent bots use ai can utilise Neuro-Linguistic Programming algorithms to know the ‘intent’ behind an issue and respond back with the foremost appropriate answer possible.

Large and medium-sized companies today often have a diverse customer base, presenting themselves from all over the world. It is imperative for companies to provide excellent customer service to achieve a competitive edge, increase customer retention and loyalty.

In Summary

It is the fact that a happy and satisfied customer can become your brand advocate. He will spread his word of mouth to promote your brand and get you a big chunk of sales. Hence, doing anything needed to make customers happy and satisfied is not a bad idea at all. And, good customer service plays a very big role in accomplishing this task.

Then why not make use of chatbots for customer service if they are capable to improve the customer service and to keep your customers satisfied by reducing their frustration?

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