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Want to start showing up in search results quickly?

Google Advertising is the answer!

If a customer is looking for goods or services to sell, they generally jump onto Google and start searching for terms related to what they’re looking for. These are also the same terms that relate to the things that you sell.

So how do we join the two together?

If you’re not already ranking for those terms through Search Engine Optimisation, the next best thing is to set up a Google Ads campaign. Through research of both your business and competitors, we look at which keywords to go after that will give you the most value for your budget. No point just driving anyone to your website if they’re not actually interested in what you are offering.

The other great part about this form of PPC advertising is you only pay when someone clicks on your ad through to your website. Using the Google search network and the ability to control daily budgets, cost per click and ad text, this form of online advertising is a great way to sell your products or services.

The Google Display Network (GDN), also known as display ads, is another tool to target search queries as well as follow your customers around the internet with well placed banner ads.

Display Retargeting

If someone has already visited your website, you’d be crazy not to make sure they keep seeing your business when they’re browsing the internet. Google retargeting gives you the power to get your products or services back in front of your customers who have previously visited or purchased from your business. It allows your customers to take action on the ads you display, as they already have the trust in your brand, which also increases the likelihood of them taking the required action you seek.

google advertising Pay-Per-Click

Key Factors for Google Advertising

Keyword Research

Through analysis of you and your competitors, we’ll highlight keywords for the best return on your investment.

Analysis & Reporting

Once you have your website up and running, you’ll want to know how it is performing. To ensure this, we setup goals to track from your new website.


Ongoing Optimisation

Unlike other companies, we don’t “set and forget”. Whilst we don’t turn off your best performing campaigns, we make sure we’re testing new ones.

Conversion Tracking

You need to make sure that your campaigns are set up to perform to the right goals. We work together to establish which to target for your budget.

Landing Pages

You may not have the best website (or one at all) to best convert those that are coming from your Google Ads campaigns. We can help with that.

Display Retargeting

If someone has already visited your website, you’d be crazy not to make sure they keep seeing your business when they’re browsing the internet.

Why Choose Us for Google Advertising?

We focus on the things that matter to your business the most, whether it’s showcasing your goods or services, to building awareness around your brand. Professional Google Ads Management means higher quality leads, maximised spend and more time for you to grow your business. Google Ads can provide more leads and sales, as well as building your brand through effective remarketing (retargeting) to increase awareness.

Whatever the reason you decide to help customers find your business, you’re in good hands with Socially Found

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