Messenger Marketing Chatbots for Business

Messenger marketing is one of the most effective and influential social media marketing options available on the market. As a business owner, utilising Facebook Messenger marketing will quickly highlight how effective this platform can be. This will help with achieving better results in customer service, as well as saving you time and money in the process.

Does Messenger Marketing Work?

To understand more about Messenger marketing and its effectiveness, consider some of the numbers that this messaging platform can provide.

Forbes stated in 2018 that Messenger marketing will be a highly effective medium for business owners. This type of strategy will not only provide an amazing experience in customer service but also drive more sales. It will also provide a solution to those that prefer to engage online than the phone. This automated solution is a must for your business.

As of the first quarter of 2020, there are over 2.6 Billion monthly active Facebook users. Targeting these users will help grow your brand, as well as improve the customer experience they have with you.

With so much activity on the Messenger platform, you can see how effective it can be for your business. With consumers spending more time online, this marketing channel can offer your goods and services in a more effective way.

Messenger Marketing Chatbot

Why Use Messenger Marketing Bots?

Lead Generation

Generate more sales to your business by using tools that can be implemented on your social media channels and website.

Customer Service

Free up your time and money by having a 24/7 automated chatbot to answer the most frequently asked questions from your customers.

Sales Automation

Take your customers through the buying process through your custom chatbot, including their final purchase through payment gateways.

Deliver Your Content

Increased open rates and click-through rates by using the power of an automated Messenger chatbot over email campaigns.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Businesses large and small can use a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing purposes in many different ways. We are aware of all the great ways to help you enhance your business visibility on Messenger. Depending on your industry and your specific requirements, a well crafted Messenger marketing objective can make a difference for your business. It provides you with the chance to experience the best results for both you and your customers.

Here are some of the Messenger marketing services that are available:

Chatbot Marketing For Lead Generation

Facebook chatbots can help you with generating more leads to your business with ease. Lead generation tools can be implemented on your website, business cards, Facebooks ads and even flyers. Once implemented, your chatbot can start transforming them into leads.

Chatbots are one of the best lead generation tools that you can have. People prefer to communicate with a chatbot as long as it can provide solutions to their questions instantly. You can use a chatbot for content marketing, sales automation, customer support, and for many other purposes.

In comparison, a Messenger marketing chatbot can be a far more effective way of communicating with your customer than email marketing. With higher open rates and click-through rates, there’s no reason to test it with your audience.

Chatbots For Sales Automation

Apart from generating leads, chatbot marketing can also be used for your business sales automation. A well-designed flow can make it possible for you to take your customers through a fully automated sales funnel. Customers can easily shop online for your products and services, with the ability to finalise their purchase through a payment gateway.

With the functionality to accept payments, you can fully automate your sales flow through your social media chatbot seamlessly.

Reach Out To Your Customers

Through Messenger marketing, we can also help you to reach out to your audience via Messenger ads. Through effective targeting, we can ensure that your ads are visible to the people more likely to engage with your business. Once someone is on Facebook, Messenger ads are displayed inside the platform.

Sharing an interesting article is a great way to get the conversation started. Once engaged, you can guide this conversation and deliver the answers that they seek. Send them to your website, a landing page or anything else that will provide them with great customer experience.

For customers that require further information, they can be easily redirected to a live chat with someone in your business.

Customer Service

If your business is constantly answering the same queries to online customers, implementing an FAQ Messenger chatbot is an ideal solution. A custom chatbot can be designed to automatically provide the answers to those questions. This will also free up more time for your business and staff.

You may be a business that provides documentation to your customers on a regular basis. Again, with the right processes and flow, you can provide this to your customers all inside your custom Facebook Messenger chatbot. The ability to deliver on customer requests like this will ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

An automated bot can evolve with your customer base by looking at ways to improve it. Even when an issue needs to be escalated, an automation process can include notifying the correct people to address it.

Deliver Your Content

The most common method used by digital marketing experts out there in the world to deliver content is to use emails. Comparing the open rates and click-through rates between Email and Messenger marketing, you’ll see the difference is quite apparent. This is another reason why this tool will play an integral part of your business.

You can consider Messenger marketing as an excellent partner to email marketing. This solution is ideally targeted to those who tend not to open emails. A Messenger chatbot now provides you with another solution to get your message in front of them. 

A recent study identified that the difference between the open rates in Messenger vs email is 242%. Likewise, the percentage difference between click rates is 619%. Therefore, you can see the type of return you can get from your investment with Messenger marketing.

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