Search Engine Optimisation

Build it and they will come they said!

If your website isn’t set up for the right keywords, no-one is coming.

In the book of the Internet, Search Engine Optimisation has been the cornerstone of any popular website. Over the years, we’ve had to adapt to the ongoing changes, so that Google could provide the very best experience for their users when looking for something. This has been a difficult task for those in the industry, let alone those trying to “DIY” it.

Search Engine Optimisation is an arduous process, requiring ongoing interactions to ensure that the job is done right. This is not a job for the faint-hearted and a rookie mistake can be detrimental to a website. This process is known as the “slow burn” and takes time for the effects to come into play, which is why you need a professional to handle all the day to day, week to week and month to month tasks required. 

Search Engine Optimisation Packages

Key Factors for Search Engine Optimisation

Use the Right Keywords

Focus on the keywords that are going to provide the results you are looking for. With the right words and phrases, you can attract people looking for you.

Page Optimisation

The cornerstone of any good website is high quality content. When your visitors come to your website, they need to be interested in what you have.

Website Structure

A well structured website will assist in the customer journey, create a user-friendly environment and make it easier for search engines to crawl your site.

Local Targeting

Are you targeting the local community? When it comes to search, it is crucial that people can find you on local search results and maps.

Analysis & Reporting

Once we start optimising your website, you’ll want to know how it is performing. To ensure this, we setup goals to track your website performance.

Website Audit

To get you started and ensure the very best results, we’ll run a FREE audit on your current website and report back on the areas that are affecting results.